Looking for some ‘personal’ time that relaxes your brain and takes you far away from a busy routine and the worries of the world? Grab some nice coloring pages, a few vibrant crayons and you’re all set to loosen up. As surprising as it sounds, coloring is not all about zippy hues and engaging fun. It’s a stress reliever and a great way to unwind that has significant health benefits associated with it. According to neuropsychologists at Medical Daily, coloring books promote mental relaxation just like meditation or a yoga workout with a calming impact to the mind.



The science behind coloring and its effects on cognitive relaxation lies in the fact that it is an engaging activity that keeps us focused on a specific task. This helps keep after-thoughts and worries away leading to a peaceful state of mind. This is true for adult coloring books or exciting crafts projects for kids that include structured coloring that is considered a therapy for individuals experiencing anxiety according to health experts. Since coloring activities promote mindfulness as suggested by Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, this can help reduce anxiety levels and the risk of other diseases like depression and schizophrenia.


An effective route to super charge your immune system is the use of crayons, paints and some coloring pages. Not only will it provide you with great old-school fun but will reduce cortisol levels in the body during high anxiety periods to relax the brain. As you color away, the adrenal cortex releases the optimum amount of the stress hormone so that your immune system gets an overall boost. It also steps up the production of white blood cells and prevents common illnesses like the flu, cold or strep throat.


Craving for some shut-eye? Time to take those colored markers out to improve the sleep cycle. The calming impact of coloring helps spark a mindset for sleep, cozy beds and peaceful spaces.Children who love to spend time filling vibrant hues in their favorite cartoon characters before bedtime are tempted to go to sleep as the activity encourages a restful and placid mind.


Apart from luring you into unplugging from technology, like smartphones and TVs, coloring offers a productive therapy for cancer patients. During chemotherapy, coloring activities can help minimize the discomfort and stress associated with the treatment. According to an expert at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, creative craft activities like coloring have a positive impact on the right side of the brain that helps ease anxiety faced by cancer patients. Instead of thinking about therapy, pain and diagnosis, the patients are mulling over the type of colors to use and how to stay inside the lines.


Coloring significantly affects your mental sleight increasing dexterity so that you feel young and strong. If taken up as a hobby, the activity can positively affect the cerebral cortex of the brain that is responsible for motor functioning and coordination attributes. Selecting different colors impacts your learning and analytical ability helping you develop a sharp sense of abstract thinking. Coloring is known to relieve stress and anxiety that alleviates mood promoting strong mental health and wellness. As indicated by various medical studies, coloring one of the primary secrets to happiness and staying young.

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